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My BF has a child who is 3 yrs old.Her child had a tooth ache & went to this place.They refused to fix the prob & told her that it needed to be surgically fixed in a hosp, they said if she did not allow them to do this her child could die of a brain tumor.They sched her child for the following month,my friend did research & found out that what they told her was not true, so she cancelled the appt and got another dentist to fix her childs prob in a jiffy b/c child was in pain.NE called on the day of the cancelled appt & reported my friend to CPS and the police.The complaint was that they were abusing & starving her child to death and that because of this the child's teeth were bad.



My daughters have been going to NE Dentistry for 2 yrs and we have had excellent care.The front desk folks are very courteous and helpful.

The doctors are friendly and make sure, you the parent are informed of what is going on, your options, and very thorough.

Speaking of the patient who was reported to CPS. Doctors report neglect or abuse only if it is obvious. I bet the parent didn't want to hear about what their child needed (in other words...the parent was neglecting their child's needs, making them look bad).

Read all the reviews about this clinic and don't judge it by one bad review.By the way...I am not getting paid for this!


Sounds like everyone who has been taking their kids here has been paying $$$$ extra for their kids teeth. I'd be mad as *** if I found out I was being ripped off by my kid's dentist. No matter how nice they were to me and my kids.

Everyone loves a sucker!

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This is the dental office that recently threatened a mother with a lawsuit because she wrote her opinion about her service on yelp. Look it up on Consumerist.

to ma #676154

Yepp - there's a rundown on popehat dot com. The responding lawyers letter is EPIC.

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I like how all the "BS" reviews have the same tone and general description, its like they were written by the same person.


Just had our check up at the new office in Schertz as we live in Live Oak.The office is spectacular.

This site is whack!!!This group of Kid's Dentists are great and you should be ashamed of letting BF or is it BS to write their trash.


I want to comment on the situation of the mother being reported to CPS.Let's talk about what really happened.

Your child had a mouth full of cavities and you kept missing your appointments and bc Dr. Capollas office was concerned for the health of your child, they called CPS. Your just upset because you were turned in and now you want to make him look bad. I have been taking my oldest child to him for 10 years now and my younger two kids as well.

I wouldn't trust anyone else but him.

Get over it lady.Take responsibility of your children.

to Lea Ann Long #669684

So, were you paid by Dr. Capolla to make this post, or merely threatened with a lawsuit and jail time?

to Lea Ann Long Houston, Texas, United States #672014

How would you know what was going on, unless Dr. Capollas' office had told you? Isn't that a direct violation of the patient's HIPAA protection?

You seem to know a whole lot for someone who isn't directly involved in this, so please tell us how you came across the information you have.


AGREE...we had the same experience, scare tactics, overpricing, exaggerated claims. Fraud for sure.


Tell your "BF" that She needs professional help!There is no way on Earth that you could EVER validate these ridiculous claims of yours!

I have been taking my daughter for almost 10 years, and I am; so grateful to them. MY daughter is getting the prettiest teeth because of this office! They are instructional, caring & they tell me everything I need to do & guess why?? Because THEY are the professionals!!

Except that Dr.Coppolla is REALLY an outstanding Dentist! We, as parents don't know everything,which is why we take them to professionals who know what we should do. But personally lady, you need some serious help! It's ok to question their opinion.

They are not only obligated to give YOU a referral, but they want to. Sounds to me like you don't like being told what you should do to help with your children's needs. GET OVER IT! And be the best Mom you can be.

And quit dreaming up Garbage that never happened!

This place is so respectable, they are Smart & they are Caring.It's NOT okay to trash them.


I see that my coment from 9-2-11 was not printed.SR, you have exactly correct this office is extremely kid and parent friendly.

My 3 boys have grown up in this office and they love it. I have been roaming this sight and have come across "reputation managemnt".

For a few thousand dollars any one can erase bad reviews.Can you say EXTORSION?

to POC #669695





You people are on drugs.This is a great dental office for the kids.

No dentist would refuse to fix a pain problem before leaving, let alone waiting a month to reschudule it. My oldest son has been going here for 8 years and my youngest for 6.

I wouldn't go to any other place.As a matter of fact we have moved and I drive 40 minutes each way to keep coming to this place.


THIS IS SOOOOOO TRUE! IT ALMOST HAPENNED TO MY SISTER!People need to stay away from this place. They also do unnecessary work on children, esp if you have medicaid.

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